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Sat Jun 10th 2017
As I write this, school has been out for one and a half days. While I haven’t heard “I’m bored” yet, it’s because my kids know that as soon as they utter those words, they are pulling weeds. Yesterday we went down to Longwood Gardens. The kids loved exploring the... Read More
Thu Jun 1st 2017
When am I happy in my yard with one third of one percent success? The answer of course is when I look toward my bird feeders and see a hummingbird. My percent sentence is one way of saying that 320 different species exist but only one is common in... Read More
Last week a leaf poked me in the eye. I spend a few hours a week looking through the greenhouses scouting for insects, searching for foliar disease and identifying plants with exceptional flowers or foliage to feature on Facebook or Instagram. Nothing like multi-tasking. I was looking for thrips when... Read More
Tue May 16th 2017
The poppies are staring to bloom. The vibrant red and orange flowers appear for... Read More
Thu May 11th 2017
This Wednesday 20 students from Bart-Colerain Elementary traveled to the Lancaster... Read More
Fri Apr 28th 2017
Thinking about our garden/landscape soil, we have often heard the drill. Mulch for weed control, moisture retention and to add organic material. Compost helps govern the moisture/air balance. Fertility and pH requirements differ among plants but attention is most important with vegetables and grass. Water is needed but soggy is... Read More
If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me if it was safe to plant tomatoes this last week, well, I’d have a large pile of nickels. Unless they lived in Delaware, I told them “no”. Tomatoes are in the warm-season vegetable category. They do best when the... Read More
Tue Apr 11th 2017
Driving around town, I usually have one eye on the road and the other one on trees and flowerbeds. Some may say that makes me a bad driver, they are probably correct, but it does give me interesting things to think about. Last week I noticed quite a few of... Read More
Thu Mar 30th 2017
This year my 11-year old son gave up playing video games for Lent. He has shown remarkable resolve sticking to his vow. Luckily enjoying the beautiful flowers of the Lenten Rose requires no such sacrifice. Hellebores, commonly known as Lenten Roses, often bloom from late February through April, when there... Read More
Thu Mar 23rd 2017
As the false hopes of spring offered by February fizzled, I continued to watch. Several days ago, while trumping through the receding snow, I think I found it. It wasn’t in the garden but in a damp field surrounded by trees where I was looking for birds. The birds were... Read More