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Thu Sep 7th 2017
For the last few years succulents have been hot, hot, HOT! Meaning that in almost every gardening... Read More
Thu Aug 31st 2017
This last week I have been on a mission. Summer was full of activities with the kids, and I let part of my garden get a but…ahem…wild. A week ago as I was walking through the beautiful blooming helenium and cardinal flowers, I was aghast to see a ragweed that... Read More
Fri Aug 18th 2017
This summer the kids wanted to plant lots of butterfly-attracting plants in the beds around the house. The key to butterflies is to have both foods for the caterpillars to eat (larval foods) and nectar-bearing foods for the adults. We already had a ton of coreopsis, coneflowers, zinnias and petunias... Read More
Fri Aug 4th 2017
This has been a good growing season. Regular rains and not too many super-hot days means plants are thriving. Especially the weeds. The best weed-pulling weather is a day or two after a rain when the soil is still moist and loosened, but not soppy wet. Last Saturday my kids... Read More
Thu Jul 27th 2017
Last week my parents rented a lovely cabin in Portageville, NY for the whole family to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. The five cousins ages 7-11 had a great time creek-stomping in the waterfalls, reading and playing all manner of games. The adults also read, and enjoyed the waterfalls, though... Read More
Thu Jul 13th 2017
The summer of 2012 was a bad one for impatiens lovers. These shade-loving, colorful plants were the... Read More
If you only visit your favorite greenhouse in April or early May there are several annuals that you probably did not even notice. These are heat-loving plants that bloom profusely when the mercury climbs. They thrive when many cool season flowers like pansies and lobelia are petering out and... Read More
Ornamental grasses have a fine texture and unique form that blends gracefully with the plethora of daisies and other summer flowers. In the fall, their lovely seed heads play so well with sedums, asters and solidagos. Most often though, the switchgrasses (Panicum), Pennisetums, and Miscanthus are best suited for full... Read More
Sat Jun 10th 2017
As I write this, school has been out for one and a half days. While I haven’t heard “I’m bored” yet, it’s because my kids know that as soon as they utter those words, they are pulling weeds. Yesterday we went down to Longwood Gardens. The kids loved exploring the... Read More
Thu Jun 1st 2017
When am I happy in my yard with one third of one percent success? The answer of course is when I look toward my bird feeders and see a hummingbird. My percent sentence is one way of saying that 320 different species exist but only one is common in... Read More